An Operation Theatre Technologist, also known as a Surgical Technologist or Operating Room Technician, is a healthcare professional who works alongside surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other surgical team members to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the operating room and surgical procedures. The primary responsibilities of an Operation Theatre Technologist include:

1.      Preparing the operating room before surgical procedures by ensuring that all equipment, instruments, and supplies are sterilized and ready for use.

2.      Assisting the surgical team during procedures by passing instruments, supplies, and equipment to the surgeon and other team members.

3.      Maintaining a sterile environment in the operating room to prevent infection and ensure patient safety.

4.      Monitoring the patient's vital signs during surgery and reporting any changes to the surgeon or anesthesiologist.

5.      Troubleshooting any technical issues with equipment or instruments during the surgery.

6.      Cleaning and disinfecting the operating room after the procedure.