Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs) may face several pain points in their job, including:

1.      High workload: Medical Laboratory Technicians often face a high volume of work and may be required to work long hours or weekends to complete the necessary tests and analyses.

2.      Exposure to hazardous materials: Medical Laboratory Technicians are exposed to various hazardous materials, such as infectious agents and toxic chemicals, which require them to follow strict safety protocols to prevent accidents and protect themselves and their colleagues.

3.      Emotionally challenging work: Medical Laboratory Technicians may deal with emotionally challenging cases, such as diagnosing serious illnesses or performing tests on deceased patients.

4.      Keeping up with new technologies and techniques: Medical Laboratory Technicians need to continuously update their knowledge and skills to keep up with new technologies and techniques in the field.

5.      Working under pressure: Medical Laboratory Technicians are often required to work under pressure to meet deadlines and provide accurate results in a timely manner.