There are various courses and training programs available that can help Operation Theatre Technologists improve their skills and knowledge in the field. Here are some examples:

1.      Advanced Operation Theatre Techniques: This course covers advanced surgical procedures, techniques, and instruments used in an Operation Theatre setting.

2.      Infection Control in Operation Theatres: This course focuses on infection control procedures, including sterilization and disinfection, to prevent the spread of infections in the Operation Theatre.

3.      Anaesthesia Technology: This course covers the principles of anaesthesia and the use of anaesthesia equipment in an Operation Theatre.

4.      Medical Equipment Maintenance: This course teaches the proper maintenance and repair of medical equipment used in an Operation Theatre.

5.      Emergency and Disaster Management: This course provides training on how to handle emergency situations and disasters in an Operation Theatre.

6.      Communication and Interpersonal Skills: This course focuses on improving communication and interpersonal skills in a healthcare setting, which is essential for effective teamwork in an Operation Theatre.

7.      Medical Terminology: This course provides a thorough understanding of medical terminology used in an Operation Theatre.

These courses can be offered by educational institutions, hospitals, or professional associations. As an Operation Theatre Technologist, it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest technology, techniques, and procedures in the field. Participating in continuing education courses and training programs can help you improve your skills and stay current in the profession.